Be unapologetic about your feelings.

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Here I am again, writing about yet another failed attempt at a relationship.

The only difference this time is that I did let my walls come down and, as expected, it came back to bite me.

Absolutely not.

Also, absolutely not.

How is it that when someone breaks up after a short relationship is somehow less deserving of feeling bad about it? Does the length of a relationship really define its intensity? And how do people know what that time meant to you?

Yes, dating sucks. Tell me something I didn’t know already!

I have been in the game for…

Here’s what I went through.

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We all venture into dating more or less hopeful that maybe someday we will meet someone who is, if not perfect, at least a good match for us.

And we are all aware of how modern dating (AKA dating at the time of dating apps) increases our chances of failure because it creates that subtle belief that our options are unlimited and people are, therefore, interchangeable.

I am well acquainted (lucky me, eh) with this vicious circle and this is why I took the decision of interrupting the flow and signing off from all dating apps for the first time…

Why I am taking a break from all dating apps

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I am no stranger to the new ways of dating, I have been using dating apps for way longer than I care to admit and, especially in a pandemic state, it does seem like the only way to meet new people. I know the feeling of excitement that comes with a new match and I am well aware of the little jump our stomach does when a notification comes in from the one person we are currently speaking to. …

This is seriously not the time for that!

Being single in this Insta-perfect world is definitely not an easy task, especially if you are in your mid-20s and feel some of the pressure of living the same picture perfect life everyone seem to be living on social media. Call it Fear Of Missing Out, call it Fear Of Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady, we sometime feel like we NEED to find a partner to fill the void left in all our solo pictures.

Some of us have come to realise the void should stay as such until someone decent filling it comes along but trust me, each and…

FYI: Monologues are not sexy

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I am pretty sure we’ve all been there at some point, you meet someone (either online or in real life), you get along and decide to take the next step and go on a date. All good so far.

You may even slightly be into the person due to the attraction or interest that built up in the conversations that led to the actual date, so you show up: looking your best and full of (maybe too many) expectations, but surely hoping the conversation will flow as naturally and be as interesting as it was…

Of how loving you made me feel and how having lost you does.

I was talking to a friend today and I realised how, in reality, I have been grieving your loss for about a month or so. I realised I avoid not just thinking of you, but also thinking about your name or anything related to you. I had to stop reading some newspapers, I cannot watch sports news, I cannot listen to some podcasts. I realised that there are so many things that happen to me that I am dying to tell you, and I remember feeling just the same when I lost my grandma, many years ago. I feel like…

About the strength of being vulnerable

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Sometimes I wish I never showed you how vulnerable I can get. I wish I just played it cool. I wish you hadn’t seen me cry and I wish you didn’t know how sad my whole body gets when I think of something painful. I wish you weren’t able to tell when I was hurting and I wish I hadn’t told you how much you meant to me.

I wish I hadn’t shown you how easily you could hurt me, and how easily you could make me happy. I wish you hadn’t told me I was the only one who…

I have been keeping away from falling too deep for someone for almost two years, for various reasons. I never let anyone get too close to me, never too close to be able to touch my emotions, never too close to see what’s underneath, what’s inside.

But even I, eventually, did it. I let someone in. And it was painful, because he wasn’t the right person, but it was beautiful.

Falling in love for someone, or the process of doing so, made me reconnect with all the emotions I had kept in for a long time. …

Alessia Denaro

Avid reader, lover and red wine drinker. A walk through the emotional rollercoaster modern dating is.

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